What am I getting myself into…

Sports have been a part of my life as far as I could remember. Growing up, baseball and basketball were the two things that mattered to me more than anything (besides friends and family of course!). I’d spend countless hours in my backyard or at the schoolyard shooting around or playing stickball with my friends. Basically, physical activity has always been a part of my life and I’ve come to realize my passion will soon become my profession.

When I was thirteen, I was first introduced to the idea of strength training in a gym environment. I still remember my first workout, maxing out at a ridiculous 4 (maybe 5) pushups. I think I pushed out at the most 12 burpees before feeling I was going to pass out and croak. I hated it at the time and never wanted to workout again.

Back in the glory days.

Science at the time was my least favorite subject, besides spanish, no hablo espanol. I absolutely hated it and couldn’t stand sitting in class learning about basic cell structures and photosynthesis.

You’re probably thinking, what the hell does that have to do with anything? It’s a cliche saying that “two wrongs don’t make a right,” but that statement is completely disregarded by me.

Overtime, I began to see my body begin to change. I transformed from a 5’11” extremely uncoordinated string bean to a 6’1″ slightly leaner string bean half a year later. The coordination was still pretty brutal. I began to care about my nutrition more and believe it or not, I actually began to like science. Probably only because I was taking an earth science class that was an automatic 95 on my report card. I’m kicking myself in the ass today for choosing that joke of a class over physics, which I’ll be learning about in my spring semester through a biomechanics course in my major.

It wasn’t until my senior year in high school where I was completely certain that my opinion on weight training changed. I felt like the man being able to flex my pecs, and begin to see cuts in my abdominal region. This was my motivation to keep pushing towards a lean, mean, pasty white physique. I also came across YouTube channels like Jeff Cavaliere’s, former physical therapist of the New York Mets and the creator of the Athlean-X system. I was hooked to his videos, I’d watch all of them and try to soak in as much information as I can. I’d even try to implement some of the exercises he’d display into my own workout programs, which were pretty crappy looking back at them now. I began to realize I wasn’t lifting like a baseball player should be lifting when I stumbled upon a blog ran by quite possibly the best strength coach in the nation Eric Cressey. I was mesmerized by how much information was at my grasp and I’ve made the most of it. It slowly became my own kind of bible. I’d read and read and read some more, and then I’d read more of his articles from different websites on top of that.

Thanks to all of this, I felt like the man starting my kinesiology class this fall and knowing what abduction and adduction were. I know, I’m a tool.

Rocket science at its finest.

Halfway through the course, it has been fairly simple thus far. I’ve passed all of my quizzes and exams with flying colors. I’ve also had to complete a presentation on the knee joint on the basic principles of flexion and extension. Needless to say, my face was as red as a tomato as I felt like the kid standing there in his underwear up in front of the class. Glad that’s over with, two more tests until I can receive my well deserved A (hopefully).

If this hasn’t put you to sleep by now, bless you for still reading. What’s gonna end up on this blog? My opinions, questions, and different types of observations in the weight room on an everyday basis. Of course, it’s going to be on a basic level for now because I’m still a newbie with the whole fitness field, but hopefully overtime I educate myself enough to become one of the “must read” blogs in weight training.

And with this, let the wild Friday nights (Saturday as well most likely, sweet life) of intense blogging begin!


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