Must Read Articles: 10/14/2012-10/21/2012

Here are some articles I’ve read in the past week that I would recommend to anyone looking to learn a thing or two about exercise!

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Assisted Band Push Ups
by Tony Gentilcore (guest post by Dave Rak)

Too bad this article wasn’t around back when I started working out. Up until I was like 17 I’d rep out push ups with my elbows flared out, hips elevated, and chin up. In other words, we call this crappy form. This article does a great job explaining one of the most simple regressions of the pushup anybody can perform without falling into bad habits.


Hip Mobility
by: Joe Gambino

My boy (and one of my main mentors in the exercise science field) Joe hit the nail on the head with this post. I’ve been working with Joe since I was about 14 years old and he is one of the top trainers over at Matrix Fitness Club. I wouldn’t just suggest this post from his blog though, they’re all on point and you can learn a lot from reading them. Joe does a great job at explaining why we need better range of motion through our hips. He also breaks down seven different mobility exercises (with videos!) to help your flexibility issues out. If you want to go “ass to grass” with your squats, you better make sure to implement these exercises into your program.


Is Aerobic or Anaerobic Training Best For Getting Rid of Belly Fat?
by: Charles Poliquin

Are you that person that wastes away hours on the treadmill, reading the newest gossip magazine without even breaking a sweat…and then wondering why you aren’t seeing results? This article breaks down why anaerobic exercise is more beneficial if you have to choose between aerobic and anaerobic. Charles Poliquin gives us 8 legitimate arguments as to why this is the better option for weight loss, breaking down things like hormonal response, stress levels, and the duration of time spent exercising. If you’re the person that wants to lose weight by walking on the treadmill or casually using the elliptical, think again. Anaerobic is the way to go to trim that beer belly.


And finally, here’s a video to follow up on the aerobic vs. anaerobic debate from Athlean-X creator Jeff Cavaliere.

Hope you get something out of each of these articles, enjoy!


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