Over the years, there are numerous sources of information out there that have given me the ability to develop my own theory of how to train and develop my clients. Everything that I have read has given me the opportunity to become the best personal trainer I could possibly be. Continuing my education outside of college has been vital to my success thus far, and I don’t plan on changing my ways anytime soon! Anyway, here are the websites, hard copy books, and resources that I have used to develop my philosophy on weight training over the years.

Free Resources – This is what started it all for me. After I discovered Eric’s blog, I never looked back. As a baseball player myself, this valuable resource has been vital to the way I train my clients in a safe, beneficial manner. – Along with Cressey, Tony has a blog full of great information as well. In my opinion, Tony’s blog is a lot more “Average Joe friendly” where he breaks down different exercises with terminology that anyone could comprehend. – My buddy Joe is one of the smartest guys I know when it comes to lifting heavy stuff. This blog has been relatively inactive as of late due to the workload Joe is dealing with for his Master’s in physical therapy (sick), but there are plenty of useful articles on here for anyone wanting to learn more about how the body works in a simple, but well organized manner! – T-Nation is a site that allows the creative genius to come out in every fitness expert. This collaboration of various workouts, nutrition programs, and miscellaneous articles has kept my mind thinking about the unlimited options we can choose from in the field of fitness. – Dean is another one of those big names in the fitness industry that can back it up with his knowledge in the field. Based on his expertise in kinesiology, biomechanics, and overall physiology of the human body, there’s no way you can’t read his blog without learning a thing or two every time a new article is posted. – After I discovered Eric Cressey and Tony Gentilcore’s blogs, I learned who Mike Robertson was shortly after. Mike is another one of those guys that drops knowledge bombs the moment you enter his blog. From an athletic and powerlifting background, Mike delivers a ton of information through his writing, videos, newsletter, and free seminars available to the public. – This is one guy that I have recently discovered, and man, I’m glad that I did. Elliott Hulse provides his opinions and philosophies on not just strength training, but the overall quality of life. I can honestly say that he has changed the way I look at certain things, and has allowed me to being the journey of becoming “the strongest version of myself,” one of his signature sayings.

eBooks (relatively new to eBooks, list will grow over time!)

Deadlift Dynamite by Andy Bolton and Pavel
This is the first eBook that I read, and easily the best one I have when it comes to mastering the art of the deadlift. Bolton is the first man to every deadlift over 1,000 pounds in a powerlifting meet. Pavel is the “Michael Jordan of Kettlebells” according the my friend Chris Carlsen. Personally, I don’t you could find a better combo of guys out there to write a book on the “king of all exercises”. The book speaks for itself, not only does it talk about the deadlift, but also goes into full detail on the squat, bench press, nutrition, and other topics on the sport of powerlifting.

Show and Go by Eric Cressey
Show and Go is the first eBook that I read by Eric Cressey. This plethora of information can take anyone’s workouts to the next level. This isn’t just a workout program you read and execute. Eric does a phenomenal job of explaining why everything is programed the way it is as well as explaining how to perform each and every exercise. It also comes with some bonuses by guys like Tony Gentilcore and Bret Contreras, as well as a nutrition guide from Brian St. Pierre. This product is definitely a great investment for anyone who works outs, regardless of who you are.

The High Performance Handbook by Eric Cressey
In my opinion, Show and Go was the prerequisite to this gold mine Cressey delivered to us. I picked it up the night it was released and have been amazed by the time, knowledge, and effort put into it. Between the programs, video database provided, nutrition guides, meal plans, and everything else included, it’s a steal for the price it is listed at. The High Performance Handbook will take you to the next level, whether you’re a novice in the weight room, or even a personal trainer or strength coach.

Hardcopy Books

Somatics by Thomas Hanna
Somatics is a holistic approach that allows oneself to channel their inner neuromuscular system, which tends to develop sensory motor amnesia due to sedentary lifestyles. Any fitness expert our there should definitely give this book a chance, it does a great job of explaining how the nervous system and muscular system work together in a simple to read text.

Movement by Gray Cook
Along with Hanna’s book, Cook does an excellent job explaining how the mind works with the body in terms of movement. This text, although not as easy to read as Somatics, is another must read for fitness experts out there. It provides a large amount of information as well as a full understand of the Functional Movement System, developed by Cook himself. Check it out!

Maximum Strength by Eric Cressey
If powerlifting is an interest of yours, then Maximum Strength is a book you should definitely pick up. Cressey does a great job of explaining a large amount of exercises through different cues and pictures. Eric also provides 16 weeks of a strength training program which I’ve experimented with and I can say from first hand experience, it works. Give it a shot, and decide for yourself whether Eric Cressey knows what he’s talking about. Based on the four resourced I’ve cited, it’s hard to argue that this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha by John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein
This book goes against everything that you’ve probably ever learned. They even state in the book that, in order to understand the groundbreaking information they provide, “you must unlearn everything you’ve learned”. And boy is it true. John and Adam elaborate in great details the roles of certain hormones and do a fantastic job of formulating a program and nutrition guidelines which are easy to follow and help to create the “alpha male”!

As time goes on, there’s no doubt in my mind that this list will continue to grow. This is just the surface of all of the various information on the field of fitness that is available at our fingertips!


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